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Miami Art Week Shows 2022

Posted on 23 October, 2022 at 20:05

Miami Art Week is one of the largest cultural events taking place annually in Florida, United States. Centered around North America’s biggest contemporary art fair, Art Basel Miami, Miami Art Week transforms the city into a cultural hub of unique art installations and exhibitions.

Galleries, fine art fairs, museums, as well as private collections open to the public and display impressive art shows for one week every first week of December. Hundreds of art collectors, art lovers and art connoisseurs travel to the Sunshine state every year to enjoy this cultural season along with the fabulous beaches at Miami.

This year 2022 the art show openings start as early as November 29th 2022 with the opening for Art Miami Fair at the One Herald Plaza. Many more art fairs and gallery exhibitions will proceed with their openings after this date.

We recommend you to visit the Wynwood Art District if you wish to avoid the big crowds at the fairs and rather attend to gallery private shows and collectors openings. To have detailed information on art fair and gallery opening dates visit the website

It is never too late to learn art

Posted on 29 June, 2022 at 18:55

It is never too late to learn art. Who says there is an age limit to learn art?

As we grow old, we question ourselves if we are or not to old to pursue something. But if you always had the curiosity of learning art it is never too late to start. Are you 50? 60? 70 years old? Age is not a limitation for anyone who wants to create.

I believe that the more you have lived experiences, visit places, meet people and their different cultures, then the more tools you have to enrich an art piece. Art is about expressing something; it is about creating a message in a universal language that everyone can understand.

Ok, as everyone says as we get older, we might become slower in the process of learning something new. However, with the intuition gained from our experiences and a little guidance on how to use the available methods in painting, drawing or sculpting we can create art. A canvas, a piece of paper or even a block of clay will become your tools of expression.

You might have heard about the top French artist Monet, correct? This famous painter started seriously painting after his wife died and he was in his forties. Another example would be the American folk artist Grandma Moses who started painting in her seventies. So, get the inspiration from these two of many other artists who started late in age and pursue your artistic dreams.

By enjoying the therapeutic process of creating an artwork, we gain much more than focusing on a final product. Art is subjective and there is nothing beautiful or something ugly because it all depends on the taste of the observer. My advice is to do not put age limitations if you have the curiosity of learning art.

I always think art could start as a hobby and can also turn in to a career to someone who is really passionate about it. When people come to our studio with those age limitation thoughts, we encourage them to pursue a creative outlet. Everyone deserve a quiet creative time for themselves, even if it is for therapeutic purposes, to get a little joy in your life, or simply to take a mental break after all those years of stressing working hours.

If you get to be in Miami feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to show you around our studio, and to introduce you to the fabulous adult painters that meet every week for a fun creative time. Our website is I am the director of the art center and like myself there are other instructors who love sharing their artistic knowledge.

Thanks for reading and for giving you the opportunity to make time for yourself. The images in this post belong to myself and the photos were taken at our art academy.


Art Summer camp in Miami 2022

Posted on 9 May, 2022 at 20:30

Summer art camp in Miami 2022 starts on June 13th

It will be our pleasure to assist you with our fabulous educational summer program. Our camp is proud to be celebrating its 16th anniversary this year 2022 with a fantastic annual program to enrich the children minds. Creating art, and making creative projects after the past pandemic times feels like food for the soul.


Art Classes Miami educational art camp will start on June 13th 2022 at the Wynwood studio location at 151 NW 36 Street in Miami FL 33127. The weekly session covers all day with activities from 10 am to 4pm. Children get to work in oil paint on canvas, acrylic paint on canvas, sculpture in clay, glass mosaics, drawing, cartooning, watercolor and more.


This camp is suitable for children ages 8 up to 13 years old, and all art supplies are included. The camp group is very small with a maximum of 10 kids per week at a fantastic indoors venue. Our academy is an ongoing educational place that teaches art all year round, so the children get to experience an authentic art studio experience directly from professional hands.


Only prepaid weeks will be reserved, and space is limited to ten kids per week.

No walks are allowed without prior registration.

The fee per week with all supplies included is $650 for full time option and $350 for half time option. Camp registrations are per week so you can register your child for as little as one week.

ART CAMP WEEKS available in Wynwood

Week 1: June 13 to 17

Week 2: June 20 to 24

Week 3 June 27 to July 1st

ART CAMP WEEKS available in Palmetto Bay

Week 4: July 25th to 29th

Week 5: August 1st to 5th


Kindly find the art summer camp registration & payment links per week on our website:" target="_blank">


Feel free to email or call to set up a visit to our camp locations. It will be our pleasure to show you around. Our instructors are bilingual and will be able to guide you in either Spanish or English

Palmetto bay studio address: 14115 S. Dixie Hwy Suite #C. Miami FL 33176

Wynwood studio address: 151 NW 36 St. Miami FL 33127

Contact Ph. 1-786-406-9915 / Website: / Email: [email protected]

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NFT art world in Miami is booming

Posted on 4 May, 2022 at 7:50

NFT art world in Miami is booming

The month of April 2022 was recently declared the Miami Tech Month by the major of the city Mr. Francis Suarez. It was interesting to see how Miami became an attraction for many people from all over the world who are interested in crypto currency.

We were lucky to have a Miami NFT week convention that brought knowledgeable people from all over the world to give speeches about NFTs, digital art, NFT projects and investments in art. Will this NFT week become an annual event like Miami Art Week? Like most of the international visitors were saying lately, Miami croud is totally open to having any cryptocurrency conversation without freaking out.

The crypto art or NFTs is slowly becoming an important asset, not only for artists but also for cryptocurrency investors. The idea of globalization is fascinating because before the art sales were only specific to local costumers and maybe some online buyers. One of the most valuable things that we learned from these intensive weeks in April is that "art" will remain important even in these technologic times.

The conventional art will still be appreciated but the Nfts will be an interesting acquisition for the new generation. Also, the new era of crypto art comes with a community integration when a bunch of NFT projects will benefit the community. Looking forward to have an exciting Miami Art week and Art Basel season 2022 with energizing Crypto artworks.

Image below is the  Art Basel expo venue last December 2021 at the Miami Beach Convention Center


NFT party & exhibition in Wynwood sponsored by Gwei Gators

Posted on 22 March, 2022 at 18:30


Miami NFT Weekend is leveraging the city's national spotlight on the global tech stage to bring together NFT artists, creators, developers, collectors and crypto communities in real life for panel discussions, workshops, networking, and the exchange of ideas in Miami. This major Nft convention event will take place at Mana center in Wynwood from April 1st 2022.


During this nft weekend many art centers and galleries in Wynwood, the main art district of Miami, will showcase their digital art and NFts projects in various events. Check out this specific sponsored event open to the public on Saturday April 2nd , from 7pm where attendants get to meet the local NFTs artists at a boutique gallery in Wynwood Miart Space. The event will be sponsored by the GweiGators, an NFTs project group" target="_blank">

Gwei Gators are 6,969 algorithmically generated Gators on the Ethereum blockchain with varying traits and rarities. Owning a Gwei Gator also doubles as a ticket of membership into the swampiest commune in the Metaverse, complete with exclusive members-only perks as well.


Registration for NFT party & Exhibition" target="_blank">

For more information on this NFT event in Wynwood please contact the gallery at [email protected]

An artistic Call for Peace in Ukraine

Posted on 4 March, 2022 at 8:20

Peace for my country

The emerging artist Olga Dietrich will exhibit a painting that screams peace for her country. Olga is an artist born in Ukraine who lives in Miami and suffers from a foreign country the sadness of the actual war. Olga's parents and relatives live in Ukraine and are being directly impacted by the terrible situation.

Olga's painting is a call for peace that represents the statue of liberty that stands as a monument in the city of Kyiv. The monument presents a mix of Ukrainian Baroque and Empire style and it was built in a compositional center of the square to the 10th Anniversary of the independence of Ukraine in 2001. The monument itself is a column with a figurine of a woman (Berehynia) with guelder-rose branch in her arms. The height of the actual monumentin Kyiv is 61 m (200 ft).

To visit the collective exhibition in Wynwood where Olga's painting is included please join the art show located at

Miart Space gallery/studio address: 151 NW 36 St. Miami FL 33127 in Wynwood.

Date Saturday March 5th 2022 from 1 pm to 9pm

Free access to the exhibition. For information email [email protected]

Solo Show in Wynwood for Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Posted on 27 August, 2021 at 8:50

Last August 13th the gallery Miart Space located at 151 NW 36 Street in Miami opened its door with a fabulous Zen art exhibition by artist Juan Carlos Gonzalez.

The exhibition will be open until September 4th 2021 with a fine selection of mixed media and pointillism original pieces with a Zen theme. The gallery is located in the north part of Wynwood, just a few blocks away from the luxurious Design District in Miami.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez is a Spanish /Venezuelan artist born in 1967. Mr Gonzalez lived in Hong Kong where he got a deep inspiration in the Zen art. He elaborates zen art pieces that interact with the soul using a unique pointillism technique. The artist just exhibited a few weeks ago in Brussels, Europe at a fantastic collective show at Luna Rosa Art Gallery.

To arrange a private visit to the exhibition or to learn more about the artist please email the gallery at [email protected] For more details check out @miartspace

AWARD CEREMONY Biennale Wynwood held at MIA

Posted on 26 April, 2021 at 14:55



Biennale Wynwood held the first edition Award Ceremony last Tuesday, April 20th, 2021 at 2:00 PM in the Consular Lounge at Miami International Airport. Artists and its diplomatic representatives from Colombia, Panama, Holland, Hungary, France, and South Korea were invited to the ceremony.

It was a source of great satisfaction for the Biennale Wynwood committee and for the artistic and cultural sectors of Miami Dade county to have distinguished diplomatic presence in the award ceremony at MIA. The representative consulates from each awarded artist honored this cultural event with their presence and participation.

The Director of Protocol and International affairs division at the Miami International Airport, Mr. Desmond Alufohai, along with Biennale Wynwwod directive gave the welcome to respective consuls attending the ceremony.

The consuls Ms. Regina Aruachan & Camilo Andres Rubiano handed the trophy to the artist Miguel Aya from Colombia.

The Consul Ricardo Gaitan and the Consul’s administrative chief Ms. Vivian R de Calderon handed the trophy to artist Maiyap from Panama

The Management assistant at the consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ms. Alexandra Castillo handed the trophy to artist Reinaldo Torres representing Holland.

The trophies for Sophia Kwak, Benedicte Blanc- Fontenille and Alejandro Szilagyi were handed by the Biennale Wynwood Judge Mr. Justo Vera and Directors Ms. Teresa Cabello & Ms. Ana Carolina Moreno.

For more information please visit the website Photo credits to Rolando del Campo @rollofilm


The NFT art world

Posted on 7 April, 2021 at 9:45


What is NFT? It is simply a non-fungible token. Any artist can create an online artwork, tokenize it with a unique dash in the blockchain and keep that token as proof of copyright ownership. A blockchain is a transaction network that helps show who owns a given online asset.

A new art community of creators, online developers, and traders is pushing the art world into new era. It becomes more interesting when the online art marketplace started trading in non-fungible tokens, in cryptocurrencies on a blockchain platform. The blockchain ensures that the asset or NFT cannot be erased if a server goes down.

It all started in 2017 with Crypto Punks, a set of 10,000 randomly generated punks that proved demand for the digital ownership of non-physical items. The art market has evolved rapidly ever since then as the underlying develops, and artists are selling verified, immutable works of art.

Art lovers and collectors are waking up to the power of decentralized networks and currencies. With creators and collectors generating meaningful revenue through a entirely digital systems, the tokenization of gifs, memes, and MP4s is emerging as the most exciting and relevant blockchain use case.

Artists can always sell original artworks that are one of a kind; as well as book writers can still sign their books to make them more unique. In many ways, buying an NFT is like buying a limited-edition piece. An NFT is special and unique to the buyer but doesn’t mean that the original work’s copyright has been transferred.

NFTs have been around since at least 2017 when a company named Dapper Labs sold NFTs for digital cartoons. However, this recent NFTs boom is new and the courts have not even begun to address the legal and piracy issues this raises. The NFT mania exploded amid the pandemic as the world remained homebound and addicted to a screen.


Art Exhibition by artists with Special Abilities in Wynwood

Posted on 19 March, 2021 at 18:25

The last month of February the gallery Miart Space in Wynwood, Miami showcased an excellent show by artists with special abilities. This mandala's art show was open to the public from February 19th to March 1st 2021.

The exhibition showcased mandala artworks by artists with special abilities in the autism spectrum. The exhibition took place during pandemic following all CDC recommendation to avoid the virus spread.


The talented artists in this art show were: Zain Naber, Isabela Herrera, Sebastian Herrera, Justin Dewit, Diego Gonzalez, Mireya Perez, Calvin Halwani, Andrea Pascual, Sofia Elias, Luis Guerrero, John Matthew Colona

The exhibition was transmited by the local Miami news TV in the segment Tomas Regalado 20/20. To see this interesting art interview to Ana Carolina Moreno by Major Tomas Regalado please visit: ;

For more information on this show please email [email protected]