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Biennale Wynwood First edition

Posted on 5 May, 2020 at 20:45
The first edition of Biennale Wynwood will take place as soon as it is safe and when the pandemic's lock-down is lifted in Miami. The event will take place most likely at the end of Spring 2020 or beginning of Summer 2020.  

This exhibition reacts in response to the need of cultural enrichment in Wynwood and to frame the history of the neighborhood and communities' unique experiences.  The exhibition will take place every other year in Wynwood, the city's main art district. 
The exhibiting contemporary artists from various countries will represent the cultural diversity of their local community.  Active artists with relevant national and international backgrounds will be making important statements with impressive art displays. The initial opening date of April was postponed due to the pandemic measures and recommendations of CDC and governmental authorities.

Feel free to contact the biennale office for any inquire. The bilingual staff at BIENNALE WYNWOOD will be more than happy to assist you. 
Director: Architect Ana Carolina Moreno Curatorial advice: Architect /Museologist Maria Teresa Haiek Coll Coordinator: Ms. Teresa Cabello   
Visual Marketing Specialist: Artist/ Graphic Designer Gustavo Fernandez 

The 25 countries and its artists represented at this cultural event are as it follows:

1.   Argentina        Eva Castell
2.   Brazil           William Villanueva
3.   Cuba             Gustavo Fernandez, Rafael Consuegra
4.   Chile            Karen Schulze
5.   China            Hongmin Ji
6.   Colombia         Miguel Aya,  Jairo Romero
7.   Costa Rica       Andres Celis
8.   Ecuador          Fernando Toledo
9.   Egypt            Chirino-Said
10. France            Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille
11. Germany           Angelika Kade
12. Haiti             Jude Papaloko
13. Holland           Reinaldo Torres
14. Hungary           Alejandro Szilagyi
15. Israel            Dora Gabay
16. Italy             Filomena Petrucci, Daniela Bertolini
17. Mexico            Pablo Azar
18. Panama            MaiYap, Brian Vergara, Eliezer Martinez
19. Peru              Gabriel Juarez
20. South Korea       Sophia Kwak, Erion Cha, Choo Kyung
21. Spain             Villarroel Sierralta, Pamy Bendayan
22. Switzerland       Eric Wuersten
23. Uruguay           Veronika Beyhaut
24. USA               John Angee                
25. Venezuela         Carlos Tirado, Edo

URBAN & GRAFFITI ARTISTS: Diego Cardenas, Max Gutierrez, Israel Rincon

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