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It is never too late to learn art

Posted on 29 June, 2022 at 18:55

It is never too late to learn art. Who says there is an age limit to learn art?

As we grow old, we question ourselves if we are or not to old to pursue something. But if you always had the curiosity of learning art it is never too late to start. Are you 50? 60? 70 years old? Age is not a limitation for anyone who wants to create.

I believe that the more you have lived experiences, visit places, meet people and their different cultures, then the more tools you have to enrich an art piece. Art is about expressing something; it is about creating a message in a universal language that everyone can understand.

Ok, as everyone says as we get older, we might become slower in the process of learning something new. However, with the intuition gained from our experiences and a little guidance on how to use the available methods in painting, drawing or sculpting we can create art. A canvas, a piece of paper or even a block of clay will become your tools of expression.

You might have heard about the top French artist Monet, correct? This famous painter started seriously painting after his wife died and he was in his forties. Another example would be the American folk artist Grandma Moses who started painting in her seventies. So, get the inspiration from these two of many other artists who started late in age and pursue your artistic dreams.

By enjoying the therapeutic process of creating an artwork, we gain much more than focusing on a final product. Art is subjective and there is nothing beautiful or something ugly because it all depends on the taste of the observer. My advice is to do not put age limitations if you have the curiosity of learning art.

I always think art could start as a hobby and can also turn in to a career to someone who is really passionate about it. When people come to our studio with those age limitation thoughts, we encourage them to pursue a creative outlet. Everyone deserve a quiet creative time for themselves, even if it is for therapeutic purposes, to get a little joy in your life, or simply to take a mental break after all those years of stressing working hours.

If you get to be in Miami feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to show you around our studio, and to introduce you to the fabulous adult painters that meet every week for a fun creative time. Our website is I am the director of the art center and like myself there are other instructors who love sharing their artistic knowledge.

Thanks for reading and for giving you the opportunity to make time for yourself. The images in this post belong to myself and the photos were taken at our art academy.


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