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NFTs exhibition in Wynwood December 3rd to 12th 2021

Gwei Gators

NFTs exhibition during Miami Art week in Wynwood.

Gwei Gators are 6,969 algorithmically generated Gators on the Ethereum blockchain with varying traits and rarities. Owning an NFT Gwei Gator also doubles as a ticket of membership into the swampiest commune in the Metaverse.

The Gwei Gators movement began in late May 2021 with "ratrear", Alejandro Pascual, who wanted to create an NFT project right at the intersection of NFTs, web3 and community.

What began as a one-man-army has slowly become one swamp-residing group known as the Gwei Group, with founders like "Clauds", Claudio Elia, and "uncle tony", Anthony Kane. The Gwei Group has slowly grown to six members total, with their talents ranging from Solidity, Web Development and Gaming to Community Management, Marketing and Public Relations.

An Exhibition of Gwei Gator NFTs will take place during Miami Art week 2021 (December 3-12), with one random Gwei Gator being painted to scale and shown for display at the gallery.

The NFT s exhibition will be taking place at a local Miami gallery named MIArt Space in Wynwood, located at 151 NW 36 St.Miami, Florida- U.S.A.

A portion of the artworks' sale proceeds will benefit the Gator Good Foundation, a non profit organization that makes a Gator football dream come true. Unfortunately, for any of a number of different reasons, some people aren't able to make this magical experience happen for themselves. Gator Good's mission is to make it happen for them with an all-expenses paid trip to the Swamp that includes game tickets, hotel reservations, Gator swag bags, and the time of their lives.

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Recommended Artists

Alicia Torres  Alicia is a talented artist who was born in Colombia. She studied art history in Switzerland and fine arts in the United States where she actually resides in the city of Miami. Her impressive art expressions vary from sculpture to painting and mixed media. She has successfully exhibited her art in many galleries in the US and abroad

Ana Carolina Moreno Ana Carolina Moreno is an artist and Architect who was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1970. She graduated of Architecture in Venezuela and studied Fine Arts at the University of Iowa, United States. Her Fine Art Studies in the U.S. combined with an incredible sensibility; has given her the great opportunity to develop a series of amazing clay and metal sculptures as well as Mixed media art pieces.

Billy Monsalve

Billy is an American artist with Colombian origins. He was born in the US in 1965 and currently lives in Miami. His very distinct and individual style is earning him a growing reputation in United States as well as in Latin America. His work is much defined and close to photorealism. He paints items as he sees them, making emphasis in the lights and shadows to create the perfect volume and tridimensionality.

Beatriz Ocampo

Beatriz is a Colombian artist born in 1960. Since childhood she had a special sensitivity to shape, color and light through her approach to painting. Her paintings reflect the graceful nature immerse in abstract backgrounds full of freedom, movement and color. Beatriz has an incredible collection of paintings that resemble the mysteries of life in a modern way. She has exhibited in Europe, Asia & US in important galleries and fine art fairs.

Bruno Angel Londoño

Bruno is a young talent who started in a very impressive way his artistic career at age ten. He studied Fine Arts in the United States. His unique composition of colors, lines, faces and shapes create amazing Pop Art pieces that would please any interior design with great expectations. His artworks have been shown internationally in several art galleries and fairs. [email protected]

Carlos A. Rancaño

Carlos is a talented young artist born in Miami, US in 1986. He graduated as a Graphic Designer with the best honors, and since then he has combined his two passions: Painting and Graphic Design. He paints in big formats with pigments change where the intensity never changes. Carlos Rancano has successfully exhibited in galleries and important art fairs in the US.

Carlos Bruscianelli

Carlos is a hyperrealist painter born in Caracas, Venezuela. His artistic restlessness leads him to take classes in realistic painting at the Museum Patrizia Rizzo. Specializing in the technique of oil on canvas and pastel chalk, Bruscianelli devoted himself entirely to his artistic production. Bruscianelli says of his works, “At present, most of my works are composed of hyperrealistic still life. In them, I represent natural or man-made textures and elements including metal, wood, glass, marbles, fruits, paper, cardboard.”

Caty Cucalon

Caty is a talented painter born in Cali Colombia in 1972. Her paintings have been displayed in several art centers, museums and galleries in Latin America, Europe & the US. Caty's painting style would be consider as Abstract Expressionism. Her pieces are visual stories where she chooses a few essentials and gives them a categorical symbol. [email protected]

Cecilia Sanchez Vegas

Cecilia is a Visual Artist, Sculptor, Art Professor and Musician, among her many other talents. She was born in Veneuela and had travelled the world with her art pieces. Mastering color, form, depth and technique, her collection reveals the magnificent hidden messages in life and creates a new realm bringing art pieces to life. With more than 30 years of experience, she's exhibited her work internationally in United States, Europe and South America.

Douglas Garcia

Douglas is and Abstract and Contemporary Latin American Artist, born in 1982 in Miami Florida. . Douglas studied Fine Art and Sculpting in the United States. He creates unique art pieces that bring happiness and well-being to others. All his works include 777a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. He has successfully exhibited in many galleries in Latina America, Asia and the US.

Eliana Martinez

Eliana is an international artist, and architect living in Miami, Florida. She was born in Colombia and has always had a passion for drawing and a sensibility for lines and colors. Her artwork expresses symmetry and proportion, generating a deep sense of symbolism. The visual narrative of her work shows an emotional link between the human and the artistic experience expressed with a dynamic sense of textures & forms.

Erika Blanco

Erika is a professional photographer, born in Colombia. She graduated at Miami Ad School and have been doing portraits ever since. Erika continued her education with extensive training in photography techniques, advanced Photoshop and lighting. She had exhibited her unique photography in many galleries in US.

Eumelia Castro

Eumelia is a professional painter born in 1957. She is a Venezuelan Artist graduated in Advertising and Graphic Design. She developed her own and unique style in which she always reveals the beauty and delicacy of female figure with rich and strong colors. She uses pallet Knife and mixed media to create soft and dynamic textures. Eumelia Castro has successfully exhibited her work in Fine art Galleries and Art Fairs in the U.S , Europe and Asia.

Eva Castell

Eva Castell is a talented Argentinian painter with over 40 years of artistic career. She have won numerous awards as an artist. Eva have done solos and collective exhibitions in several countries in South America, The Caribbean and Europe. He artworks represent an enigmatic vision of a world of fields and cosmic areas with the message of unification in humanity. Eva expresses her work with unique colorful images and movement in her strokes

Gabriel Juarez

GABRIEL JUAREZ is a talented painter and sculptor who was born in 1955 in Peru. Since dedicated completely to art have been developing and looking for a particular expression, a language of its own in a world of color, shapes, textures under various types of techniques. He mastered the technique of oil painting and sculpture with his studies in the United States.

His passion for animals and nature is a great source of inspiration. He captures with grace the realism of each figure in either a hard stone or a plain canvas. Gabriel has his studio in Hallandale Florida. [email protected]

Gonzalo Sanchez

GONZALO is a Mexican-American contemporary artist who lives in Miami. His artwork is categorized as Abstract.Expressionism. All his paintings have warm colors and textures and are always aimed to explore the intricacies and depthness of the geometric universe. He loves this vibrant city that inspires him through the Latino energy, vivid colors and warm atmosphere that impregnates the city. Gonzalo had exhibited his pieces all over the world.

Gustavo Fernandez

Gustavo is a contemporary artist born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1973. He studied graphic design at Caracas Design Institute and is fully dedicated to the arts since 1995. Gustavo blends a fine chromatic use of color with the application of different textures to create his unique mixed media artworks.

Ingrid Block

Ingrid is an international artist born in Argentina in 1971. She studied Interior Design in Argentina, and continued art education in Miami. Her talent gave her the opportunity to develop her career as an artist in the US, where she actually lives. Ingrid's very characteristic style has opened the doors of art galleries in US and Asia to exhibit her paintings.

Jee Yoon

Jee Yoon is a contemporary artist born in Korea in 1977. She graduated from Ehwa Woman's University, majored in Fiber Art and continued her artistic education in the US. Upon graduation she worked as an interior designer. She is comfortable working with Korean rice paper and silk thread in her mixed media art pieces. Her work is meant to create harmony and balance within two different cultures through art. Jee Yoon has exhibited her original artworks in galleries and fine art fairs in US, Asia and Colombia.

Josie Ramirez

Born in Havana, Cuba, Josie came to Miami as an exile to Key West and has made Miami her home for 53 years. She studied Fine Art in the United States. Josie is not only a business woman but a unique artist who enjoys expressing herself through portraiture, the spirit of animals and the quiet or savagery of a landscape. She specializes in acrylic painting together with wood, clay, paper and other mixed media techniques to achieve sculptural effects on wood and canvas. Her contemporary artworks had been showcased in the United States, Europe and Asia. Her artwork is part of the permanent collection at the Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, Italy and many private collections throughout the world.

Lorena Fernandez Abuchaibe

Lorena is an Advertising Designer with a career in Fine Arts. She was born in Colombia and has received important recognitions, as the mention of honor in Kobe Japan 2013. Mention awarded by Mr. Kiyoshi Matsubara, and officer art critic association president all Japan Newspaper. Lorena was touched by concern over the global system, the warming of our planet, the loss of significance among human beings; her current creations deal with urban landscape, visual contamination

Patricia Reagan

Patricia is a contemporary artist who was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She studied fine arts in Caracas, Venezuela at Escuela de Artes Plasticas Cristobal Rojas. She moved to the United States over thirty years ago where she works as a full-time artist. Patricia has successfully exhibited her modern artworks in galleries and art centers in United States.

Silvia Grandela

Silvia is a professional painter born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied art in Argentina, where she actually lives. Experience and time let her developed a personal unique style between abstraction and realism. Her artworks transmit an interesting mysticism to the spectator with expressive warm colors, lights and shadows. The combination of reality and abstraction make her paintings a sublime creation. She has successfully exhibited in US & Latin America

Silvia Parra

Silviais a contemporary artist born in Venezuela in 1962. She paints the cosmos as she sees it in her meditation process. She expresses the elements in the cosmos as mandalas shaped like circumferences of energy. Her paintings & photography represent the universe surrounded by meditation and powerful thoughts. She has exhibited her artworks all over the world in galleries and expos.

Tracy Ellyn

Tracy Ellyn is a talented America artist/designer who studied Fine Arts in The US. She has passionately enjoyed working as an artist, which has given her the opportunity to travel around the world. Now her great joy is sharing this wealth of inspiration with the next generation and watching wide-eyed young talent grin from ear to ear as they see their world and have their own mastery experiences.


Toshee, aka Alain de Leonardis, is a reëmerging artist born in Queens, NY. His name is an homage to his graphic arts mentor, the late, great Professor Toshihiro Katayama. Since studying and practicing as a visual artist and designer at Harvard University, Toshee has had careers as a TV writer and music editor. His latest artistic series “Two Princes” weaves together those interests and proposes a new contender for Best Comedy Team of All-Time. Toshee's home gallery is in Los Angeles.

Victor Madero

Victor, a native Venezuelan artist, Victor Madero, has devoted his life to the celebration of colors. Victor developed a rooted knowledge of the industry, by tapping every aspect of the world of the arts. With his creative new style, Victor Madero has aesthetically reinvented his bold expression of color. This new approach to three dimensional art combines influences from several art forms such as the relief and fiber process.

William Villanueva

Villanueva is a talented contemporary artist born in 1968. William studied Fine Arts in United States at the Saint Thomas University & Florida International University. He mostly works in big formats with characteristic compositions representing life and its luxurious lifestyles. His artworks have unique details and vibrant color strokes which characterize his unique art pieces. Williams contemporary artworks have been successfully exhibited in galleries and art centers in the United States, Brazil & Europe.

Xavier Portilla

Xavier Portilla is a Latin American artist born in Ecuador in 1965. He studied Drawing and Painting in Guayaquil. His paintings reflect a magical realism with unique bright colors and texture. All his paintings can be distinguished by the way in which reality and fantasy are blended with texture. His work offers an aesthetic perspective of Andean culture and people. .

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